Aero-Flo AF-14 14-inch Axial Fan

* This Product is Now Obsolete
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FOR HARD TO HEAT OR COOL ROOMS OUR AXIAL FANS are ideal for homes with central air. The fans install in any branch duct (round, square, or rectangular), supplying additional air flow to the problem room. Adds comfort year round!   ADDS COOL AIR IN THE SUMMER — WARM AIR IN THE WINTER It is no longer necessary to freeze or overheat the other rooms of the house when you are only trying to make one particular room comfortable. Your central equipment will run less, saving you energy and money! Our axial fans are also excellent for homes with wood or coal burning stoves, as well as for homes with fireplaces.   Aero-Flo Axial Fans have a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty

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