Duralast NR148 Hogs Hair Natural Fiber Filter Roll 1" x 48" x 30ft

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DuraLast Hogs Hair Natural Fiber Filter Roll

The DuraLast Hog’s Hair Air Filter is built to stop dirt. It is washable & reusable filter media with a variety of industrial air filtration and evaporative cooling applications by trapping more dirt, while allowing free air flow which allows your system to run efficiently.


  • High Capacity DuraLast Filters have a higher containment holding capacity than ordinary filters (see specifications) making them nearly 3 times longer lasting.
  • Depth Loading DuraLast Filters are engineered to load through their entire depth for increased dust-holding capacity, with minimal increased static pressure.
  • Flame Retardant All Duralast Filters are UL Class 2 flame retardant. We can also produce filter media to comply with FMVS302 transportation requirements.
  • Extra RigidSelf-sealing edges permit full-size use of the filter, with no frame necessary.
  • Reusable Easy to wash or vacuum, our filters are reusable.
  • Sturdy While they are degradable in a landfill, DuraLast Filters can be stored indefinitely with no deterioration.
  • Anti-Microbial Our filters have been treated to resist mold and mildew.
  • Customizable We can design our filters to fit your needs (notch, angle-cut, etc). They come in various levels of size, thickness and stiffness. Filters can be trimmed to fit with a pair of household scissors.

DuraLast Hog’s Hair Natural Fiber Air Filters are ideal for a number of industrial and private applications, including:

  • HVAC – An effective and efficient option anytime a large amount of dirt needs to be pre-filtered in an industrial setting.
  • Transportation – Protects condensers, coils, refrigerated and mobile HVAC systems. We supply filters for bus companies, subway lines, and refrigerated transport throughout the United States and Internationally.
  • Television and Film – Television and film –DuraLast Filter media has a number of on-set applications for the production of television or film. Due to the construction of the media, the filters are ideal for rain buffering or splash reduction applications. They are constructed from 100% natural fibers and are considered an environmentally friendly product due to its sustainable nature. The loft and color make the product an ideal substitute for grass on an indoor or outdoor set. Many purchase the product in bulk rolls in order to cover the rooftops of sound stages. Production companies choose DuraLast Filter Media to ensure uninterrupted filming, which in turn saves valuable time and money.   
  • Industrial– We supply a number of filters to oil and gas companies, applications include air compressor intakes, generator house and sand filter applications. DuraLast  Hog’s Hair Filters are used worldwide in sugar processing.
  • Hobbies– There are several recreational applications for DuraLast filters, including artificial vegetation for model building, train sets and dioramas.

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