Marktime 42507 Electronic Fan/Light Time Switches

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It’s no secret that homes, hotels, and commercial and industrial facilities need ventilation to reduce pollutants, moisture and odors. For example, if excess moisture is not removed from bathrooms, high humidity levels can lead to mold spore growth and a buildup of allergens, as well as serious structural damage. While ventilation contributes significantly to good health and structure protection, a control device is needed to complete the solution while conserving energy. The MarkTime® 42 Series 3 position fan/light timer is an integrated timing solution for ventilation and better indoor air quality. APPLICATIONS Perfect for automatic shut-off control of ventilation in high humidity areas, bath fans, and whole house fans. The MarkTime® 42 Series 3 position toggle fan/light timer allows you to simultaneously turn ON a light and fan. When the toggle is in the ON position, light and fan are energized. Toggle to the OFF position, both light and fan shutdown. Toggle to the TIME position, the light goes off and fan continues to run for a preset time delay of up to 60 minutes. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Ease and convenience of controlling fan and light with one switch • Timer setting at a glance with simple 3 position toggle switch • Cost saving time delay setting of 1 to 60 minutes for removing excess moisture, reducing mold, mildew and pollutants • Time delay control is set during installation and positioned behind the wall plate to reduce tampering by occupants • Fits standard wall box and replaces a single-pole wall switch for fast easy installation.

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