Marktime 42ES5HD-I 42E Series PIR and Dual Technology Occupancy/ Vacancy Sensor Switches [IVORY]

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The MarkTime® 42ES5HD PIR (Passive Infrared) Occupancy/ Vacancy Sensor is used to provide automatic lighting control for rooms that are not occupied all the time providing energy savings and convenience. State-of-the-art technology gives you a choice of Manual-ON (Vacancy Sensor) or Auto-ON (Occupancy Sensor) switching. APPLICATIONS MarkTime® Occupancy Vacancy Sensors can be used in a variety of residential and light commercial applications. The 42ES5HD is ideal for garages, conference rooms, larger bath areas, utility/laundry rooms, and basements. FEATURES & BENEFITS • PIR Technology determines when a space is occupied by detecting heat in the form of infrared energy from people moving in a space. Lights are automatically turned off when the space is unoccupied for optimal energy and cost savings. • Manual-On or Automatic-On provides users the option to choose the function that best suits their needs. • Adjustable ambient light level prevents sensor from turning lights on when there is ample natural light for maximum cost and energy savings. • Sensor sensitivity can be increased for larger rooms and decreased for smaller rooms to reduce false triggering for high reliability. • Adjustable time delay of 15 seconds to 30 minutes allows for the most effective energy management. • Manual Pushbutton Override provides manual ON/OFF switching at any time for added convenience. • Fits standard wall box and replaces a single-pole wall switch for fast easy installation. • Slim design blends in with wall plate for a discreet appearance. • CA Title 24 Compliant

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