Marktime 93513 Decora In-Wall Timers

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The MarkTime® 935 Décora Series In-Wall Timers are interchangeable with any standard single or multi-gang wall switch. These energy saving timers use no electricity to operate and automatically limit the “ON” time of energy consuming loads. APPLICATIONS The Décora Series in-Wall Timer switch is an easy upgrade from any single pole wall switch. The 935 Series can be used in a variety of residential and light commercial applications providing convenient timed control of lighting, fans, heaters, motors and other energy consuming loads. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Versatile time limits allow for quick, simple operation while providing the most effective energy management. • Select models have a convenient hold feature to override automatic shutoff. • Combined N.O. and N.C. switching configurations give the convenience and versatility of either typical operation; turning a load on during time delay or reverse operation of turning the load off during time delay. • Switching Convenience - SPST switching with the option to be wired for SPDT. • No neutral required – great for retrofits, saves time and money. • White & ivory decorator dials & knobs included so you carry 1 SKU VS. 2; saving counter space & inventory cost. • Supplied decorator dials can be installed with either standard or decorator wall plates. • Fits single or multi-gang wall box to replace a single-pole wall switch for fast easy installation. Caution: Not to be used in precision timing applications where inaccurate timing could have dangerous consequences. (i.e. sun lamp, tanning beds etc.) Do not use with fluorescent lamp ballasts.

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